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Ojo De Dios joins the Nightcap Portfolio!

Published On: 19/01/2024|By |Categories: UPDATES|1.2 min read|

Nightcap Brands is excited to announce that Ojo De Dios have joined the Nightcap Portfolio!

About Ojo De Dios

Ojo De Dios is a mezcal brand like no other, they bring a freshness to a millennia old spirit that is fast becoming the drink of today. ODD have 3 distinct products making mezcal more accessible to the layman and helping bartenders introduce people to the category.

Their 100% Maguey Espadin Agave is produced from sustainably grown agave hearts, cooked underground for up to 10 days before being double distilled in small batches to produce Ojo De Dios Mezcal.

The light side of Ojo de Dios comes in the form of their Mezcal Joven & Hibiscus blend. This is a perfect blend of Joven and hibiscus flowers which are grown in the mountains of Sierra Madre Oriental, Oaxaca. Hibiscus is the national flower of Mexico and is served as a refreshing welcome drink (Agua de Jamaica) in homes all across Mexico.

The Dark side of Ojo De Dios is their ODD Café; a harmonious blend of their Mezcal Joven and Arabica coffee which is grown and roasted by the Mejia Baustista family 4,600ft above sea level at the top of the Oaxaca mountains.

Partnership with Nightcap

On representing Ojo De Dios Mezcal, Ciaran McNicholas, CEO of Night said:

“We are excited to be the exclusive UK importer of Ojo De Dios. We are looking forward to the adventure with the team at Ojo De Dios.”

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