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Nightcap welcomes El Rayo Tequila to the Portfolio

Published On: 28/12/2021|By |Categories: UPDATES|1.9 min read|

Nightcap is very pleased to announce its partnership with El Rayo Tequila. El Rayo is a premium tequila distilled using a blend of highland and lowland agave.

Developed in partnership with maestro tequilero Oscar Garcia, the 100% agave tequila is made using a blend of highland and lowland agave, meaning it harnesses both the citrus and floral notes of the highlands alongside the peppery, vegetal flavours commonly associated with the lowlands.

The blend of agaves, grown over the course of eight years, are roasted for 12 hours before being shredded and crushed to release the juices. Following this, the liquid is twice distilled in 105-year-old copper stills.

El Rayo has released two expressions: an unaged No 1 Plata and a No 2 Reposado, aged for seven months in American white oak whiskey barrels.

Co-founders Tom Bishop and Jack Vereker say:

“El Rayo is made for the modern drinker. We wanted to create a brand that transforms the traditional image of tequila and attracts new consumers to the category.”

While it can be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks, El Rayo is highlighting its key serve as Tequila & Tonic (T&T), to be savoured as a long highball drink.

El Rayo

The tequila’s name is inspired by Mexican folklore, which tells of El Rayo striking the blue agave. The myth describes how a local campesino witnessed this moment and followed the burning glow in the distance. The cooked agave plant was discovered, and tequila was born.

Both bottles, created in collaboration with local Mexican design agency Toro Pinto, feature the bolt of lightning that gave El Rayo its name.

Ciaran McNicholas, CEO of Nightcap

“El Rayo is a brand we were very keen to work with, for the beautiful packaging, incredible liquid and above all the interesting, modern take on the category. We are thrilled to fill the Tequila space in our portfolio with such an exciting brand and look forward to helping El Rayo gain a strong foothold in the On and Off-Trade”

Work in the trade and keen to sample El Rayo with one of our team? Please reach out to hello@Nightcapbrands.com and one of our team will be delighted to arrange.

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