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Beesou Bitter Sweet Honey Aperitif

Published On: 10/05/2023|By |Categories: UPDATES|1.1 min read|

Nightcap Brands is delighted to launch Beesou Bitter Sweet Honey Aperitif into the UK Market as it welcomes the B Corp Certified brand into its portfolio of premium Spirits and Aperitifs.

Beesou is an all-natural bitter honey aperitif that gets its unique yellow color from safflower extract. Made from ethically sourced British honey and natural botanical ingredients, the sunshine-colored aperitif stands out as the first B Corp-certified aperitif, and one that contains no artificial ingredients or refined sugars.

At 11% ABV, Beesou is an aperitif that gets its complex flavours from a range of notes, including cinchona bark and bitter chinotto, pink grapefruit and raw honey.

The brand’s signature serves include the Beesou Spritz, prepared with one part Beesou and two parts sparkling wine, served over ice with a grapefruit wedge garnish and the Beegroni, made with equal parts Beesou, vermouth and premium gin.

Ciaran McNicholas, CEO of Nightcap stated

“We are excited at the opportunity to launch Beesou as we believe the brand will be come a firm favourite across the bars of the UK. Beesou have crafted a delicious liquid which is extremely versatile across many styles of cocktails and one which Bartenders are going to love experimenting with. We are looking forward to playing a big part in the success of the brand for years to come”.

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